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What is a Discovery Flight?

Discover the thrill of flight with a Red Arrow Discovery Flight—an exhilarating experience designed to give you a taste of life as a pilot.

Take part in one of our discovery flights, designed to familiarize you with the possibilities of pilot training and an introduction to the intricacies of aviation to see if the prospect of being a pilot resonates with you.

As you soar through the Texas skies with a Red Arrow instructor, you’ll get the chance to see our local points of interest like the El Paso Mountain Star, the volcanic crater known as the Kilbourne Hole, Downtown El Paso from above, the expansive landscapes of West El Paso, and even the distinctive landmarks like Canutillo High School's blue football field. If you book during the fall, you can also enjoy the seasonal La Union Corn Maze.

Come fly with us today and see the world from our perspective.

How Much Does a Discovery Flight Cost?

We value transparency at Red Arrow Flight Academy and offer the following rates for our discovery and recreational flight options. These prices are tied to the fuel and maintenance costs required to take you up. It is our goal to make flight as accessible as possible to our communities in Texas and New Mexico.

The El Paso mountain range from outside a Red Arrow aircraft

Intro Flight ($220)

Ready to take flight? Begin your journey to becoming a pilot with our 30-minute introductory flight aboard one of our Cessna 172s or Piper Archers. With expert guidance from our instructors, you'll take the controls and experience the thrill of piloting firsthand. It's your first step towards the skies!

Student and CFI sit down in front of a Redbird flight simulator

Captain ($250)

Dive into aviation excitement! Learn flying basics in our full-motion simulator session for 30 minutes, then soar on a 30-minute discovery flight to put your skills to the test. It's the ultimate airborne thrill!

El Paso couple completes a proposal post-discovery flight at KDNA

Special Occasion ($325)

Enjoy the view around El Paso to celebrate a special occasion for two people. If it’s a birthday, a romantic date, or just for the fun of it, book a 1-hour flight and experience flying and the city like never before.

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